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vendredi 13 novembre 2009

Avalanche de nouveautes pour fin 2009- debut 2010

c'est tout chaud comme News et ça vient directement de Nouvelle-Zelande.

L'annee 2010 sera celle de l'avalanche de nouveautes. L'editeur neo-zelandais passe a la vitesse superieure ! ^^

28th November 2009

BB516 Gothic Corner Ruin
BB517 Gothic Tank Traps
BB518 Gothic Ruined Columns
BB519 Gothic Ruined Walls
WI266 Wargames Illustrated 266

5th December 2009

BBX15 3.7" Heavy AA Gun x2
BB501 Rocky Hill - Small
BB502 Rocky Hill - Large
BB503 Rocky Hill - Two Part
TD025 British Generic Gaming Set
TD025A British Generic Gaming Set Add-on

12th December 2009

SP01 British Armour (Late)
SP02 Soviet Armour (Early/Mid/Late)
SP03 US Armour (Mid/Late)
SP04 German Armour (Mid/Late)
SP01 British Armour (Late)
BAG01 Army Kit Bag

19th December 2009

GE537 Fallschirmjagerkopanie AA Quad
GE762 Fallschirmjagerkopanie Platoon
GE766 Fallschirmjagerkompanie Pioneers
GE568 Fallschirmjagerkopanie Heavy Mortar's
GSO122 Fallschirmjager Snipers (3 teams)
WI267 Wargames Illustrated 267 (The First Crusade)

9th January 2010

FW106 Eastern Front (HB 248 pages)
SU501 45mm Anti Tank Gun (Late)
SU561 76mm Infantry Gun (Late)
SU751 Heavy Mortar Company (Late)

16th January 2010

BB512 River Expansion
Fork; BB513 River ExpansionIsland
BB514 River Expansion - Bends
BB515 River Expansion – Fords

30th January 2010

BBX21 Parachute Company
UBX07 105mm Artillery Battery
BR351 Staghound AA
WI268 Wargames Illustrated 268 (Market Garden)

13th February 2010

FW215 A Bridge Too Far (SB 80 Pages)
BBX18 Airlanding 6 pdr Anti-Tank Platoon
BR886 Lt Colonel Frost and Para Commanders

27th February 2010

BB510 Small Pine Wood
BB511 Large Pine Wood
BBX20 Airborne 75mm Pack Howitzer Battery
BR808 Glider Pilot Platoon
GE180 Flammwagen B-2(f) (Char-B)
BSO150 Para's Snipers (3 teams)
BSO152 Para Eureka Team
WI269 Wargames Illustrated 269

13th March 2010

BBX19 Para 17pdr Box
BR806 Parachute Royal Engineers
GE954 SS Decals
TD030 10.SS-Panzerdivision Gaming Set
TD030A 10.SS-Panzerdivision Gaming Set Add-on

27th March 2010

BBX17 Para Recon Jeeps
GE890 Hauptsturmführer Viktor Graebner
GE439 Armoured Trucks (and crew)
GE535 2cm Quad FlaK Gun Platoon
TD029 9. SS-Panzerdivision Gaming Set
TD029A 9. SS-Panzerdivision Gaming Set Add-on
WI270 Wargames Illustrated 270

April 2010

FBX02 Firestorm - Market Garden

May 2010

FW216 Italy Book 1 (name to be decided)

Contains lists for the American 3rd Infantry Division and Special Service Force Battalion, as well as lists multiple lists for Hermann Goring Panzer Division, and 362. and 715. Infanterie Divisions. There will also be exciting new releases including the American answer to German Big Cats, as well as an extensive range of HG infantry!

July 2010

FW301 Early War (name to be decided)

Focusing on the invasions of Poland and France, our first book focusing on Early War will cover a wide range of lists for the Poles, Germans, French and BEF, including:

• Polish Kompania Czołgów Lekkich (Light Tank Company)
• Polish Batalion Strzelców (Infantry Battalion)
• German Panzerkompanies (Tank Company)
• German Panzerspähkompanie (Mechanised Recon Company)
• German Infanteriekompanie (Infantry Company)
• French Escadron de Combat (Combat Squadron - Cavalry Tanks)
• French Compagnie de Combat (Combat Company - Infantry Tanks)
• French Compagnie d’Infanterie (Infantry Company)
• British Armoured Squadron
• British Rifle Company
• And a whole lot more!

To accompany these lists are a truly massive range of new vehicles, infantry and guns, including German Panzer I, Panzer II, Panzer III, French Char B, Somua S-35, Hotchiss H-35, Hotchiss H-39, British Vickers light tanks, Polish TKS, and a supporting cast of armoured cars and completely new sculpts for the four nations covered in the book!

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